Client Testimonials

We believe our specialist skills and knowledge are what sets us apart from other accountancy firms and makes us a practice of choice for other accountancy and legal firms seeking specific expertise. We have a proven track record in assisting clients to reach successful outcomes in a range of specialist areas.

Salhan Accountants is the best accountancy firm in the west midlands and the thought that Salhan Accountants put into their work is outstanding.

I had heard about Salhan Accountants from others but I didn’t expect the service I got.They payed so much personal attention even though I run a very small business. They quickly understood the issues I had and were happy to help. Thank you Salhan Accountants

Excellent service from Salhan Accountants. Do not trust bad reviews from Rouge Traders who do not comply with HMRC and do not pay for the service tacken. Ignore such posts because they are fraudsters.

Amazing service received. I have recommended Salhan Accountants to all my family and friends.

What an exceptional service! My tax enquiry was closed with no tax to pay.

Brilliant Service as always. No wonder they have been shortlisted for the British Accountancy Awards for the 4th year running.

Salhan Accountants are a professional, proficient, knowledgable firm and always on top of their game.

Great company that has the most amazing response time.

Excellent company I should have gone to Salhan Accountants sooner.

Impressed and Amazed by the advanced technology used by Salhan Accountants.

The tax knowledge at Salhan Accountants is Outstanding.

What an amazing company! My old accountant was filing late vat returns for my business. Salhan Accountants took my accounts on mid year and sorted everything out. Any questions I had were answered and responded to immediately. Thank You so much Salhan team, It is honestly a pleasure to be a customer to yourselves.

Highly knowledgeable and courteous at Salhan Accountants.

I came to Salhan & Co after a bad experience with a previous accountant. I have received a top class and very professional service from this firm who I highly recommend. The advice was pragmatic and straight to the point.

It has been rewarding working for Salhan Accountants. Helping clients such as Mr Hosking and receiving a “thank you for all your hard work” aswell as being surrounded by such experienced accountants passionate about delivering a high quality service.

Salhan accountants have been great to me. HMRC were hounding my dad and had a very long case. The Salhans know what they’re doing and helped my dad beat hmrc. The staff was always helpful on the phone and made us feel important, its a good company and I 100% recommend them.

Throughout my experience with Salhan Accountants I have found them to be both highly professional and a knowledgeable firm. I have no qualms in recommending them.



After Mr A was released from a two-year prison term imposed for smuggling alcohol and tobacco, he was issued with a bankruptcy order in the sum of approximately £250,000. We contested this on his behalf and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) subsequently accepted defeat.

Business disputes

Mr B was offered £1 for his share in a loss-making company, a figure suggested by another firm of chartered accountants. We were instructed to negotiate on his behalf, achieving a sum in excess of £40,000.

Business litigation

“I have used the services of Mr Madan Salhan in connection with a partnership dispute with a former partner of mine. Mr Salhan was instrumental in discovering errors in the reports of two chartered accountants, and as a result, we were able to show that a tax computation calculated by them was wrong.

“Mr Salhan’s argument was so persuasive that my former partner accepted the substantial error when this matter went to the Court of Appeal.

“In the practice of which I am head of the criminal law department, we use a number of experts and I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Madan Salhan as an expert in accountancy.”
WT Garsia, solicitor

Chinese Bureau

I have been very impressed by Salhan Accountants China desk and their staff communication skills.

Consumer credit

An expert maths report produced by Dr Anjulika Salhan relating to a loan agreement enabled law firm A to settle a consumer credit case out of court for £15,000.

Law firm B was not allowed by the court to bring consumer credit test cases. An expert maths report produced by Dr Salhan assisted the firm in bringing these cases to court.

Employed v self-employed

HMRC are clamping down on construction companies and subcontractors, challenging their status.

A subcontractor failed to keep records for two years. The tax at stake was approximately £25,000 for those two years but with our intervention, the matter was settled for £7,900 and we achieved an agreement that HMRC would give the client two years to pay the outstanding tax and would not investigate any earlier years.

We have also advised in another matter in which the tax at stake exceeded £500,000.

Indian Bureau

Salhan India Desk is the best! All my property queries resolved.

Inheritance tax

We have advised many clients, including clients with very substantial estates, in minimising inheritance tax through tax planning, including the use of trusts.

Tax investigations

Mr S was referred to us by another chartered accountancy firm that was unable to help him. He had failed to disclose rental income from several properties for several years and HMRC was seeking tax, interest and penalties totalling £187,000. Within three months, we negotiated a full and final contract settlement of £47,000.

Tax planning

Mr E contacted us to arrange a review meeting. After informing Mr E and his colleagues that we believed his previous chartered accountant had been negligent, we were instructed to carry out the necessary work.

Within eight weeks, we were able to show that a tax planning opportunity had been missed when the previous adviser failed to value goodwill that we valued at £290,000, a figure accepted by HMRC. This resulted in the taxpayers receiving approximately £250,000 tax-free.


Mr D sought help from several accountancy firms after his first consignment of diamonds became subject to an extended verification by HMRC. This caused financial difficulties as he had borrowed money within his family to start his business.

After subsequently approaching Salhan Accountants, HMRC were ordered to pay Mr D’s costs at a preliminary hearing. A day before the main hearing, HMRC wrote to Salhan Accountants confirming that they would repay Mr D’s full input VAT and his costs and subsequently paid £17,500 in costs to Salhan Accountants Limited.

I have now received my VAT repayment thanks to Salhan Accountants. The Vat Manager at Salhan Accountants is brilliant.

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