VAT Investigations

The VAT regime is notoriously complex, which can lead to businesses overpaying or underpaying the tax.

The VAT authorities also have extensive powers to investigate issues including evasion and criminal offences, such as fraud, and in certain cases investigations can go back 20 years.

Potential consequences include the recovery of underpaid VAT, plus penalties and interest, and, in the case of criminal activities, prosecutions that can lead to fines, prison sentences and seizure of assets.

If your business is under investigation on a VAT issue, Salhan Accountants and our specialist sister firm, Taxation-Investigation can provide expert advice and support to identify the most effective way forward. We can represent you in dealings with the VAT authorities, including making disclosures, and advise you on the best way forward to achieve an appropriate outcome.

We can also act as technical advisers for solicitors with a client facing a criminal investigation for VAT fraud or as specialist witnesses for clients involved in civil cases involving VAT disputes.

For more information on VAT investigation and other tax enquiry services, please visit Taxation-Investigation.

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