Tax Fraud Investigations

With the exception of criminal prosecutions, COP 9 investigations are the most serious type of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiries.

COP 9 investigations – which can cover corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax, PAYE and VAT – typically occur when HMRC believes it has strong evidence of under-declared tax but will choose not prosecute if the taxpayer co-operates with its investigation. Such cases take place when HMRC anticipates that the yield of tax, interest and penalties will be a minimum of £75,000.

Anyone identified by HMRC for a COP9 investigation needs expert advice. The team at Salhan Accountants, and at our specialist Taxation-Investigation sister firm, are experienced in this type of investigation and can help to minimise the stress of such an enquiry and of any penalties, which can be up to 100 per cent of the underpaid tax.

Co-operating with HMRC requires making a full disclosure of the tax matters which have triggered the investigation and convincingly dealing with any tax issues where no irregularity has been disclosed.

Our expert advice can help you to prepare a clear, comprehensive and convincing disclosure report that will assist in bringing the investigation to a swift conclusion and to maximise discounts on penalties, as well as advising and representing you throughout the enquiry.

For more information on our tax fraud investigation and other tax enquiry services, please visit Taxation-Investigation.

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