Raising Finance

Whether yours is a new or established business, making sure you have the right finance in place is essential to achieving your objectives.

One of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate financing, so it makes sense to work with experts in this specialist area.

By working with the team at Salhan Accountants in Birmingham, we’ll be able to review your position and give you objective, realistic advice to help you make decisions about the most effective and affordable way forward for funding your project.

We will help to draw up a detailed and persuasive business plan for potential lenders, then advise and assist you in sourcing the best finance options.

We have contacts with a range of commercial lenders, including banks and other financial institutions, but we can also introduce you to alternative sources of funding, such as government schemes, business angels, venture capital specialists and peer-to-per lenders.

Our expertise and contacts will help you open doors that may otherwise have remained closed for you and we can also assist in negotiating on your behalf to secure the most appropriate package and terms. Our services include:

  • conducting a feasibility study of your projects
  • identifying the most suitable sources of finance
  • preparing the necessary documentation, including a business plan, budgets and financial forecasts
  • presenting your proposals to your chosen finance source
  • advising on and supporting client with disposals, mergers/acquisitions or management buyouts/ins.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact Salhan Accountants in Edgbaston, Birmingham.